1.5M Paracord Dog Leash

1.5M Paracord Dog Leash

Sanming hanhe arts& crafts co.,ltd mainly do bulk 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash manufacture more than 10 years, we have experienced the 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash,and outdoor products.its knottedabout 20cm for the handle part, and the 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash attached with the gold metal buckle. its 360 rotation.this 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash will be more comfortable and convenient for walking your dog and training your dog.

Product Detail

Product detail:

Product Name 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash
Product Size 1.5M,1.2m ,1.8m
Product color customized
logo customized 
sku number dogleash678

Product description:

this 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash is braided with 550 Paracord ,it was originally parachute cord with a 550 pound breaking strength used in the military. It is composed of a Nylon or
Polyester outer sheath with several internal strands, making it extremely strong. Because of it's durability and versatility,
paracord has become like "duct tape" to crafters. It has multiple uses for crafts, survival bracelets and pet collars & leashes.1.5M Paracord Dog Leash is good for your outdoor activities.

we can custom the 1.5M Paracord Dog Leash about the size, length, color and hardware, if you have any problem, feel free to let us know

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