Rifle Shotgun Sling

Rifle Shotgun Sling

our company professional on cheap Rifle Shotgun Sling wholesale, Rifle Sling with Swivels 2 Point Paracord Shotgun Sling with Quick Adjustable Length Rifle Strap for Outdoor Hunting,its adjustable with high quality nylon strap.Easy-to-adjust sling from 36" to 47", good for carrying or steadying for the shot and doesn't overstretch

Product Detail

Product Details:

Product Name Rifle Shotgun Sling
Product SKU Rifle Shotgun Sling 002
Size customzied
Color customized
Sample time 5-7 working days

Product Description:

this Rifle Shotgun Sling swivels easy to attach/detach, Rotating counterclockwise and pushing out the knob will release the locking latch for locking and removal

Paracord sling is woven in innovative handcraft technique, not only durable but also flexible, not stiff as traditional Rifle Shotgun Sling
High-strength steel sling swivels with high-end matte-black hard-coate
Rifle Shotgun Sling is braided in handcraft technique, comfortable and non-slip; 1.4" wide sling will not hurt or dig into the shoulders and does not slip off your shoulder easily

Rifle Shotgun Sling is hand-woven by 7 strands of paracord, Lightweight and non-stiff; The paracord of the shoulder strap can be used for emergency rescue, super practical,there are more than 200 colors for your choose about the paracord 

we also have the HK snap hook for the gun sling.please let us know what you need.


Q1: Is paracord sling stiff?

Woven in innovative handcraft technique, flexible and durable, not stiff as traditional paracord sling

Q2: Is it adjustable?

It’s adjustable from 36” to 47", good for carrying or steadying for the shot

Q3: Does the paracord strap do a good job of staying in place?

yes,It stays in place great and doesn't overstretch

Q4: Does the 2 point sling slide off your shoulder easily?

It is hand-woven using paracord's innovative, non-slip, not easy to slip off the shoulder

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