Keychain And Lanyard

Paracord keychain and Lanyard  are made of paracord will last a long time, and is very durable, it is perfect for attaching keys, ID badges, whistles, USB drives, hunting calls, and so much more. Plus, in an emergency, you can unweave this lanyard and use the paracord for securing gear, making repairs, and fulfilling any other rope needs. Take it even further and remove the inner strands for use as sewing thread, fishing line, dental floss and more. 

There are different types of Paracord keychain and lanyard , Neck Lanyard, Wrist sling lanyard, monkey fist ,Duck Call Lanyard and more keychains ! You can use different knots and techniques to braid the lanyard with basic paracord supplies.

The paracord key chain and lanyard always carry on your wrist or backpack while camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities.Clip it on your bag or buckle loop and attach items such as name tags, keys, camera, GoPro, whistles, flashlights, usb drives, knives, compasses, duck calls or anything else! Use the paracord to make traps or tie down items, start a fire with the flint, signal for help or warn off animals with the whistle, use the scraper as a small knife and maintain direction with the compass. Our ultra-sensitive and accurate compass works best when kept away from any metal.
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