What is paracord

- 2021-10-18-

Paracord is an important outdoor survival tool. Paracord can do many things in outdoor sports, such as housing construction; repairing equipment and clothing; making traps and fishing nets; making fire bows for wood drills and so on. The parachute rope was originally the control line on the parachute, and later used as a standard practical rope in the military forces of various countries. Paracord is a kind of lightweight artificial rope, usually woven from 32 strands of nylon rope. Each nylon rope contains a certain number of fine threads, which can be used alone. In most cases, umbrella rope is a good choice because it is practical, strong, small and easy to carry. Before you are ready to travel, you confirm how many cables you need to use. Make sure to pack it in two places, put it in your backpack and carry it with you. This is for the umbrella cord to be used when it is separated from your bag.

When your parachute cord is limited in length, you should use it as efficiently as possible. Use the minimum parachute line to do what is absolutely necessary. It should be possible to use simple and strong knots. If possible, you can untie the uncut parachute rope and keep it intact for the next task.

Military colors such as green, khaki, wolf brown are ideal colors for military paracord, because they have a good camouflage effect. In outdoor sports, red is the best because it stands out and is easy to find. If you put it on the ground, it can be used to assist positioning.