- 2021-09-10-

Survival practitioners will carry with them a "survival kit". This consists of various items that seem necessary or useful for potential survival situations, depending on anticipated challenges and location. Supplies in a survival kit vary greatly by anticipated needs. For wilderness survival, they often contain items like a knife, water container, fire-starting apparatus, first aid equipment, food obtaining devices (snare wire, fish hooks, firearms, or other,) a light, navigational aids, and signaling or communications devices. Often these items will have multiple possible uses as space and weight are often at a premium.

Around 45 ft. of 550 paracord • 2 ft. safety orange thin paracord • Compass • LED flashlight • Multi tool pocket knife • Dog Tag Signal Mirror • Fling Fire Starter Rod • Flint Striker • 30ft of 12 lb Test Fishing Line • 4 Fishing hooks • 4 Split Shot Weights • 2 Bobby Pins • 2 Butterfly Sutures • P38 Can Opener • Compressed Towel Tablet • 6 Waterproof Matches • 2 Stormproof Matches • Jute Twine • Needle and Thread • Razor Blade • Military Grade Tripwire • Aluminum Foil • Wire Saw • 2 Safety Pins • Firestarter Whistle Buckle • 2 Split Rings • 3 Inches of Electrical Tape • Plastic Ball

This paracord grenade survival kit will make your outdoor activity more safety and interesting.