The Material of the Keychain

- 2021-10-18-

The material of the keychain
Soft pvc keychains are also called Epoxy keychains, soft keychains, plastic keychains, and micro-keychains. Soft PVC products are produced with imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique craftsmanship. They are all made of the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft rubber materials. They are produced with imported raw materials and scientific formula with unique craftsmanship.
2. Acrylic
Acrylic is plexiglass, divided into imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, which are transparent, and colored paper can be put in the middle; the hardness of acrylic determines the degree of wear of the keychain. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, besides the unparalleled high brightness, acrylic has the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to break; strong repairability, as long as the soft foam is dipped in toothpaste, the sanitary ware can be wiped new; soft texture, winter There is no icy feeling; the colors are bright, which can satisfy the individual pursuit of different tastes. The use of acrylic to make basins, bathtubs, and toilets is not only exquisite in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly. Its radiation is almost the same as the radiation of the human body's own bones.
3. Zinc alloy
Zinc alloy is also one of the metals with relatively strong plasticity. Generally, the surface is treated with dripping paint or electroplating to make the product more beautiful. Surface treatment processes include: polishing, spot paint, soft enamel, printing, oil spraying, sandblasting, and electroplating.
4. Leather lamp
Sewn with leather, it is divided into real leather, imitation leather, PU, and a keychain with a small lamp embedded in the middle. It can also be used for lighting at night or in dark places.
Open an injection mold, inject with ABS material, and then paint. Because the cost of mold opening is high, the quantity is generally larger, and the quality is much better than that of PVC.
6. Crystal
Generally, artificial crystal is used as the material, and can be made into various shapes of crystal keychains, and the cost generally ranges from one to tens of yuan.
7. Timber
Use all kinds of wood to carve into a variety of patterns, and some will engrave the words of blessing. The more common types of materials are: rosewood, jujube, ebony and so on.