Choose the Right Dog Leash

- 2021-10-18-

Choose the right dog leash
1. For puppies, we generally choose a chest-back leash, so that the dog will have less resistance and better protection for the dog. Almost every chest-back style has a design around the dog's chest, and there is another circle in the front abdominal area behind the front legs. The position of the center point of the back. It is generally believed that the collar type traction rope has better controllability. For medium and large dogs, the collar type is more often selected. The tightening pressure of the collar will cause the dog's neck to bend naturally, which can be very effectively controlled. It can be divided into materials. Made of leather, chemical fiber or nylon, the leather tow rope is more comfortable and durable, and the nylon tow rope with mesh is strong, soft and relatively cheaper. Normal medium and large dogs are recommended to be made of leather. Leather collars made of cowhide have a longer service life and are close to the dog’s skin. After the oil penetrates into the dog’s body, the leather will be shiny, soft and tough, and the service life will be increased. It will be correspondingly longer. Nylon or chemical fiber can be used for small dogs, because the pulling force is not large, you can choose a colorful traction rope according to your own preferences.
2. From a practical point of view, when choosing a traction rope, you must first consider the bearing capacity, that is, the maximum pulling force of the traction rope. Dogs of different body types have different weights, and the selection of a traction rope should be based on the weight of the dog to choose a suitable traction rope. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the traction rope to be too thick, easy to fall off, and easy to break.
3. According to the length of the rope, it can be divided into fixed traction rope and telescopic traction rope. Because of the greater strength of medium and large dogs, it is recommended to use a fixed collar leash. When encountering an accident, it is easier to control, such as the dog is frightened. At this time, the fixed leash can effectively pull the dog to prevent loss of control. If the dog is smaller and more obedient, you can choose the kind of retractable traction rope, and you can control the length of the traction rope through the button in your hand. This kind of rope is mostly made of nylon, which is strong and durable. When purchasing, it is recommended that the length of the rope does not exceed 2 meters. The longer the rope, the more difficult it is for the dog to control it.
4. In addition to styles and types, the most important thing is to choose the right size according to your dog's body shape. After the dog puts on the collar or harness, it is best to put a finger in the rope gap. If you choose an inappropriate traction rope, the size is too large to stop it, and the dog can easily break free. In the case of a dog rushing forward, the slack leash makes the dog encounter greater impulse, and will even be injured if he is not careful. If the size is too small, too thin and too tight, the dog will be uncomfortable and even have difficulty breathing.
5. Pay attention to science in the process of using the traction rope. Under normal circumstances, the state of the rope should be slightly sag from the dog's collar to maintain a certain degree of slack. When you encounter a situation, you should feel that the dog is about to rush forward, pull the traction rope backward in time, put pressure on the dog’s neck, and then relax the traction rope in time. If Tu save troubles to keep the dog in the correct position, he often tightens the leash and hardly relaxes.
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