Precautions for using Paracord Hands-free Pet Leash

- 2021-11-16-

Precautions for using pet leash
Wearing a leash for a dog is a responsibility. Although there is no explicit stipulation, go out for walking the dog
You must put a leash on the dog
1. Because many dogs are disgusted with collars, and the force on the collars is indeed not very uniform, if you want to stop the fast forward dogs, they may cause some damage. Moreover, long-term use of the collar-type traction rope is easy to rub the coat on the throat, which may cause hair removal problems. Therefore, when choosing a traction rope style, it is recommended to choose a shoulder-type traction rope with a relatively uniform force.
2. Before taking the dog out, let the dog get used to the feeling of wearing a leash, and know how to use the leash to restrict the dog's movement.
3. Adjust the tightness of the traction rope, not too tight, it will easily cause discomfort to the dog and a sense of rejection to the traction rope.
4. Try not to let the dog lead you, you can follow the way, or let the dog follow yourself. Too obedient dogs will allow them to occupy a dominant position, which is prone to sudden bursts and other bad behaviors.
5. Another problem that is easier to overlook is the cleaning of the traction rope. Most owners may not clean
A dog’s traction rope, but in the process of use, the traction rope is bound to have a certain amount of friction with the skin. Dirty traction ropes are likely to cause bacterial infections and may also cause some skin problems.Paracord Hands-free Pet Leash