Correctly Choose a Paracord Dog Leash

- 2021-11-16-

Correctly choose a dog leash
Walking the dog is an essential activity for the owner of the dog, and the dog must take it out every day. However, when going out for a walk, be sure to have a traction rope in hand.
1. The safety of the dog can be guaranteed, and it will not be lost or stolen by people in the sight. It is even more of a guarantee when crossing the road.
2. It can correct its bad behavior in time. Behaviors such as picking up food, chasing other dogs, and attacking people, not only to ensure the safety of the dogs
All, but also to correct bad habits.
3. Respect for pedestrians who do not own dogs or are afraid of dogs. The towing rope is in hand to ensure the safety of other pedestrians and will not cause unnecessary disputes.
Traction ropes are generally divided into two categories: chest back type and collar type. For puppies, we generally choose a chest-back type traction rope, and generally think that the collar type traction rope has better controllability.
In addition to the type of traction rope, you must choose the right size according to your dog's body shape. We generally think that after the dog is tied to the rope, one finger can still be put into the rope as the best. If you choose an inappropriate traction rope, the size is too large to stop it, and the dog can easily break free. In the case of a dog rushing forward, the slack leash makes the dog encounter greater momentum, and it will even be injured if it is not careful. If the size is too small, too thin and too tight, the dog will be uncomfortable and even have difficulty breathing.
Paracord Dog Leash