Dogs Like to Bite the Paracord Crafted Dog Collar Leash

- 2021-11-16-

Dogs like to bite the leash
Leash is an item that a dog owner must prepare. Although it may restrict some freedom of the dog, it is a beneficial guarantee for the safety of the dog itself, the dog owner and other personnel.
1. Before teaching the dog to take the leash, use the target stick to let the dog learn to follow.
2. Order your dog to fetch the leash when you are ready to go out. Sometimes a dog can learn not to bite the leash, as long as it associates this with going for a walk.
3. If it can look at you while traveling, it will not have the opportunity to bite the traction rope again. So you can also train your dog to pay attention to you.
4. Train the dog to release the leash after hearing the command and use the "vomit" password.
5. When taking the dog daily, foresee the bad behavior of biting the traction rope, distract it before biting, train it to do other movements, go with it or sit, or give it other toys to play.
6. Use a rein-type leash to make the dog taste bad and no longer like to bite.
7. Use bitter apple juice to soak the traction belt. If it doesn't work, try the bitter bitter orange or pig's fresh bile. Dogs will stay away from unpleasant smells.leash