Train Your Dog to Use a Nylon Rope Braided Paracord Dog Leash

- 2021-11-16-

Train your dog to use a leash
A leash must be used to walk the dog. Many parents make a mistake when using a leash for a dog for the first time. For most dogs, the first time they are put on traction is mandatory, and this direct method will cause resistance from some dogs. Once resistance occurs, it can easily develop into two wrong behaviors. The first is fear. (The person who pulls the rope or the noose), and the second is the attack (the person who pulls the rope or the noose). Both of these behaviors will cause us trouble.
1. Prepare snacks, take out the traction, and put both in one hand
2. When the dog comes, let it sit down, smell the stuff in the hand and let it eat the snacks (this time the dog not only smells the snacks but also smells the leash, and eats the smell of the leash) Snacks also means that it does not reject the smell of the tow rope)
3. Raise the traction rope and place the snacks behind the traction rope. The dog will put his head through the traction rope to eat the snacks. When he crosses to eat the snacks, he will immediately give appreciation and petting rewards.
4. At the end of the previous step, tighten the traction so that the dog can really feel the feeling of the traction rope on the body. If you do not resist, reward and praise again. If you resist, take the traction calmly and repeat the previous step. A leash must be used to walk the dog. The whole step is actually doing one thing, linking the leash with snacks, so that the dog understands that to get snacks, you must first use the leash. Snacks are beautiful, and the leash is also beautiful. There are many ways.
A leash must be used to walk the dog. The last is the process of getting the dog used to it. After the training is complete, always put the leash on the dog, let it jump freely at home, let it eat with the leash, chew bones, bite toys, This makes the dog accustomed to this rope. entire
In the process, you can do recall training from time to time and obey the training, but it should be noted that the traction rope should not be too long, otherwise it will cause entanglement and cause the dog to bite and traction. The material of the traction rope is best to be fabric initially, because some dogs will only be afraid of the sound of the metal chain.
Nylon Rope Braided Paracord Dog Leash