How to Use Survival Paracord

- 2021-11-25-

Paracord was originally used as the suspension line in parachutes, but it’s now used in virtually any situation where cordage is needed. Survival paracord is so important that it’s even taught in Boy Scouts at a young age. Some of the common paracord uses to survive include:

Paracord Uses for Survival/Shelter

Paracord Uses for Food

Paracord Uses for First Aid

In addition to standard survival uses of 550 cord, the rope can also be used tactically as self-defense in extreme situations. Whether you’re stranded, vulnerable in nature or need to defend yourself at home.  keep these strategies in mind:


  As a Restraint

Throwing Sling

Monkey Fist

Paracord can also be used as a dog leash, waist belt, or key chain. You’ll find this versatile material in plenty of different forms with a number of intended paracord uses.