How To Choose the Right Dog Collar for your Dog

- 2022-01-11-

Choose a Collar Style
    We’d recommend starting with the overall style of the collar. You need to decide early on as to what you want the collar to do for your dog. Are you going to be using it for everyday wear and identification? Training? Walking?Does your dog have collar style requirements for the dog park, doggy day care, etc?

    Here’s a basic breakdown of the main styles of dog collars you can choose from:

Traditional Buckle Collar

    This is dog collar with a prong style buckle that has holes punched in it for adjustment. Think of it as a human belt buckle. This style of buckle works well for dogs that wear their collars all of the time as these buckles are a bit harder to undo regularly. They are commonly found on leather dog collars or collars made of other sturdy materials.

Quick Release Buckle Collar

     This collar comes with a plastic or metal buckle that has a female and male buckle end that clips together. Generally, the buckle will hold tightly when it’s being pulled on, but when the sides are tightened, the buckle mechanism causes the collar to come off fairly easily.

Safety or Center Ring Collar

    This style of collar is common for hunting dogs or dogs that have a larger area to roam. A safety collar has an O-shaped ring built into the collar about halfway between each end. This O-ring is there to provide an extra pivot point on the collar. That way, if your dog gets their collar stuck on a branch, a rock or anything else, the collar won’t choke them. You can learn more about the safety collar here.