Best tactical dog collar

- 2022-01-11-

The size of your dog is going to determine the size of their dog collar. If you have a smaller dog under 10 or 15 pounds, a tactical dog collar may not be necessary and could do more harm than good. Tactical dog collars are best suited for larger, heavier dogs. 

Although it may not seem significant, the right color is certainly something to think about when deciding on your tactical dog collar. Something that contrasts with your dog’s fur will make it easier to see and handle.

One of the most important things to consider when deciding on the right tactical dog collar is comfort. The collar should be lightweight and padded with soft materials to ensure this. It should also be breathable and fit snug on the dog’s neck without being too loose or too tight.


Although a few ounces to a half pound dog collar may not seem that heavy, for a dog that weighs 40 pounds this is a significant amount of weight. It’s best to look for a tactical dog collar that sits comfortably on your dog’s neck and is comparable to his or her size and overall weight. If your dog weighs between 25 to 50 pounds, the collar should only be a few ounces, but if your dog is between 100 to 150 pounds, a half pound collar should be just fine.