The advantages and disadvantages of the three types of dog collars, have you chosen the right one for your dog?

- 2022-03-08-

An expert in dog collars - Sanming Hanhe Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. tells you the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of dog collars. Are you choosing the right one for your dog?

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On a sunny weekend afternoon, I asked a few friends to meet with their dogs. You hummed a little tune and spread your feet, and walked with your dog on the road with joy. Suddenly there was a dog barking in the distance, and your eyes were far away. Look, knowing that your friend has arrived before you, and then the rope in your hand loosens, and your dog has taken off the collar and rushed out.

Whether the dog is well trained or not, let's just talk about the danger of this kind of behavior. It may scare passers-by, it may cross the road, and the curious dog may run out of a few stops. There are too many possibilities. . In my personal experience, a friend greeted him across the road, and his dog broke off his collar and ran across the road. Fortunately, there were not many cars at night, so my friend was sweating. So before you can't teach it to follow you, you need to choose a collar for it carefully.

Most dog owners buy collars for their dogs, and some even wear them several times in rotation, but did you choose the right one? Choosing a collar is very important. Many dog owners think that as long as the color is beautiful and cute, you may have overlooked an important point. The options are based on the characteristics and personality of the dog.

There are generally three types of dog collars on the market. If you are not sure how to choose, look down.

It's making choices for itself
Single-layer leather collar: This type of collar is the most common and common. Pet shops in urban areas and fairs in rural areas must have this type of collar as long as it is related to dogs. It is said that it is the most traditional. You adjust the length as your dog grows and gains weight. If your dog is more obedient, you can choose this one. Its disadvantage is that it is less breathable and has no elasticity. It is not recommended to wear this for dogs when there is a lot of rain in summer.

single layer cortex

Separable Collar: This collar reduces the risk of choking the dog, because it is a double layer, when the dog owner tightens the leash, the inner ring against the dog's neck will not be tightened, if your dog is easily curious and likes to walk Rush forward, this kind of collar will be better than the traditional one, you must have seen this picture, two dogs meet, yell at each other, rush forward, the dog owner pulls the leash hard behind, and the dog disperses after the dog Restrained breathing like asthma.

double-layer separation

Chest and back: Mostly used for hiking trips, such as taking a dog into the mountains. After passing through a relatively dangerous place, the chest and back will come in handy. It is safe and not easy to fall off. Unless the size you choose is very inappropriate, there are also dog belts in urban areas. Most of the owners of the chest and back are medium and large dogs. The dog owner is weak and needs to do his best to hold the dog. Personally, it is not recommended to use the chest and back in this situation. When the dog rushes forward, if you pull back hard, it will misunderstand that you are playing with it, and the result is that it and you are tired. The most important thing is that it is impossible to cultivate a dog. For the habit of walking, it is recommended to replace the chest and back with a collar and teach it to follow. When it rushes forward, don't pull back, pull it to the side, pull it over and pause for a while, wait for it to be quiet, or change the direction, and the dog owner walks ahead, Let the dog understand that it has to follow you. I have met a smart dog in about half an hour. This process requires patience. When your dog already knows how to go with it, it doesn't matter if you want to choose a chest back or a collar, whichever you prefer, it's easy anyway.

chest and back

Iron Chain: I have seen it and I have never used it, so I cannot evaluate it, so I only write three titles in the title. I have seen a medium-sized dog tied with an iron chain. If the owner does not teach the dog, the dog will naturally suffer more. As for the dog who was originally trained as a beast, it is personal freedom. From personal experience, ferocious dogs such as mastiffs, pits, and Rottweilers can be very good with a collar and a leash, as long as you teach them regularly.

When choosing the ring, remember to test the size. The collar for small dogs can be inserted into one finger after wearing it; medium and large dogs are looser and can be inserted into two fingers. In addition, remember to check the collar frequently to see the degree of damage and whether it needs to be replaced. New, don't forget that dogs will also gain weight, adjust the circle in time, the most important point, unless you plan to let the dog spend its whole life in the house, as long as you take it out, please use a leash and keep it. Qualities a dog owner should have.