Learn How To Make A Paracord Dog Collar

- 2022-03-18-

Learn How To Make A Paracord Dog Collar

550 Paracord: 19ft one color, 19ft a second color (to make a 20″ collar)
Plastic buckle (or metal, whichever you prefer)
A D-Ring  (metal or plastic)

You are going to start out by joining both pieces of paracord to make one single cord. Trim one end of each cord at an angle.

First, trim an end of each color at an angle. Then use your lighter to melt the ends and press them together while they are still hot.

Step 1: Join Two Pieces of Cord

Step 2: Secure Cord to the Buckle

Fold the cord in half at the joint you just made. Thread the loop through the female part of your buckle.

Secure the cord to the buckle by making a hitch knot:

Step 3: Set the Length of the Cords

Pull the cord through the loop you just made to secure the paracord to the buckle.

We are making our collar 20″ long.

Thread the ends through the other buckle. Now we are going to set the size of the paracord dog collar and secure the other end of the buckle. Slide the buckle along with the cords until you get the correct length.

Once you measure, loop the ends around the buckle slot one more time to make it secure.
Step 4: Slide the D Ring

Slide the D-Ring on over the other end of the collar and up until it’s touching the buckle end you just attached. (the male piece)

Step 5: Cobra Weave

Now, let’s start with the standard cobra weave. Then weave the blue cord under the red cord

If you’ve been following our paracord projects, then you know the Cobra weave is one of the more popular weaves. For this paracord dog collar, we are going to take it one step further and do a King Cobra weave!