The function and wearing method of the gun sling

- 2022-03-22-

An expert in gun slings - Sanming Hanhe Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. today tells you what a gun sling does and how to wear it.
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The cloth belt used to carry the gun on the shoulder is mostly made of canvas or plastic fiber, most of which are webbing. It can also be used to help stabilize the frame when firing. The modern tactical sling design usually allows more freedom of hands, the gun is not necessarily on the shoulder, but on the back, and more importantly, the gun can be used directly without taking it off.
Method 1: The right arm and neck are put into the loop of the strap, and the weight is placed on the left shoulder. The advantage is that you can shoot with one hand on your waist and leave your left hand free (I don’t know if this effect is also available under the actual recoil); when not shooting, the gun It can be placed horizontally in front of the stomach, or the muzzle can be flushed down and attached to the outside of the right leg. The disadvantage is that if you carry the gun behind your back, the muzzle will easily hit the ground when you squat. I believe this problem is more prominent if it is a gun with a longer barrel such as the M16.
Method 2: Put the left arm and neck into the strap loop, and put the weight on the right shoulder. When the gun is behind the back, the gun is basically inclined upward and horizontally behind the back, and it is not easy to touch it when squatting down. And I found a lot of actual photos on the Internet, including news photos, and found that the soldiers of the special forces were holding guns with both hands on their chests, and the butts of the guns were inclined upwards over the right shoulder, which should be the way of carrying them.