Are Paracord Gun Sling Good

- 2022-04-12-

If you are going to add a sling to your favorite rifle or shotgun why not make it multifunctional. This durable 550 paracord gun sling is not only great looking but it also can be taken apart and will provide you with over 40 feet of paracord cordage which is extremely helpful in any emergency situation! Extremely functional sling for both recreational, hunting, and tactical use. Fully adjustable sizing to get the perfect fit for you. Adjustable from 33 inches to 44 inches.  Also featuring full metal sturdy attachment points to securely fasten onto your favorite gun. Check out all the great available color options to designed to perfectly match the look you are going for. Lightweight, durable, and comfortable for long days in the field.

Can be used and easily installed on any firearm with 2 point standard swivels such as: Rifles, shotguns, and crossbows.

Paracord can have endless uses in a survival situation. Some great uses are:

Tourniquet, Rescue Line, Snare Traps, Fishing Line, Fish Stringer, Hanging food and Game, hauling / Dragging things by hand, Secure a tent or tarp, Making a bow drill kit, Pet collar or leash, the inner strands can be used for dental floss.

We guarantee the quality and construction of our Slings. These are high quality, built to last, and will work as expected in every situation.